Custom E- Learning Solution

Custom E- Learning Features

Learning content and management system

  • End-to-end content management – authorizing, editing, indexing e-learning content
  • Integration with enterprise / third-party applications

Content publishing

  • Content refurbishing – web, email, mobile

Mobile learning / m-learning

  • Mobile enabling e-learning solutions – audio / video based

E-learning portals

  • Developing and managing web-based e-learning portals, platforms
  • Creating engaging, highly interactive user interfaces

Assessment solutions

  • Educational assessment solutions and reports

Regulatory compliance

  • Sharable Content Object Reference Model (SCORM)

Custom E-Learning benefits

  • A significant amount of content to be delivered to a large number of learners
  • Learners come from geographically dispersed locations
  • Learners have limited mobility
  • Learners have limited daily time to devote to learning
  • Learners do not have effective listening and reading skills
  • Learners have at least basic computer and Internet skills
  • Learners are required to develop homogeneous background knowledge on the topic
  • Learners are highly motivated to learn and appreciate proceeding at their own pace
  • Content to be reused for different learners’ groups in the future
  • Training build cognitive skills rather than psychomotor skills
  • Course addresses long-term rather than short-term training needs
  • Data is tracked.