Cloud E - Learning Solution

Cloud computing aimed at running applications as services over the internet on a flexible infrastructure. The environment and the design can also be used as a platform for exploring and sharing new ideas as well as for designing, modifying and monitoring educational or course contents. The model provides an open and modular learning environment. In this approach, courses are personalized according to the needs and capabilities of the organisation.Our elearning cloud-based software, can create your online courses anywhere you have an internet connection. Stakeholders can collaborate through their favorite web browser, on any platform or operating system.

Cloud LMS Features

  • Create a superior, customized user interface,
  • Enable users to take advantage of blended learning plans including online, classroom, virtual classroom, assessments, and informal learning programs
  • Create sub-portals targeted to specific employees, customers, or partners
  • Create, manage, and deliver accurate and flexible reports through the portal or via email.
  • Enable users to interactively tailor reports to gain fresh insights
  • Generate direct and indirect revenues by offering online learning programs for customers and partners

Benefits of Cloud LMS

  • Easy to setup and maintain.
  • A cloud based e Learning platform is cost efficient.
  • Dramatically increases productivity.
  • Improves retention.
  • Cloud based e-Learning platforms are dependable.
  • Cloud based e-Learning platforms are safe.
  • No internal IT support is required.