" Learners need endless feedback more than they need endless teaching. "

Assessment is an indispensable way to judge whether the purpose of the training is being met. It also highlights the areas of improvement, in a particular individual, for enhancing their performance. The assessment enables educational institutes and organizations to explore and adapt various learning and training approaches, required to optimize the learning efficiency of a student or an employee.

TerraLeap Assessment is an online/offline assessment tool for employees, students, to assess and evaluate their capabilities in various fields and also for administrators such as employers, teachers, HR Personals to test the skills of their students/employees. This is a cost- effective, flexible way of evaluation with respect to location and timing, with improved reliability, improved impartiality, reduced human effort, greater storage efficiency and enhanced question styles which incorporate interactivity and multimedia. Our Assessment Engine is based on SCORM based content that can be delivered in any SCORM or AICC based LMS.

Our Assessment engine features include

  • Multiple choice questions, true/false, fill-in-the-blanks, match the followings, multi-answered multiple choice questions.
  • Limited Time and attempts.
  • App based assessment
  • Advanced MIS reports
  • Exam proctoring
  • Easy customization of the question paper : question review, changing , negative marking, time limitation and re- attempting the questions.
  • Decisive assessment for apparaisal.
  • Varied assessment formats available which support multiple questions.
  • Easy integration of the assessment engine with an individual's profile so individuals can easily monitor the performance.
  • Effective monitoring of learning methodology.

Our Assessment engine benefits

  • Provide a performance assessment tool
  • Acknowledge satisfactory and exemplary performance.
  • Target performance deficits
  • Highlight skills that require additional training or practice
  • Benchmark employee performance across organization norms
  • Define competence within your organization.

Core competencies tested